Wheelchair & Scooter Hoist Suppliers Directory

Wheelchair & Scooter Hoist Suppliers Directory We added some information about Wheelchair & Scooter Hoists to our site last week and then decided to create a directory that enables any Wheelchair & Scooter Hoist Suppliers or installers to add themselves to – Wheelchair & Scooter Hoist Suppliers Directory Registration is free to any wheelchair hoists… Read More

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Demonstration

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Demonstration Modular Wheelchair Ramp Demonstration Saturday 22nd July Call us on 01608 663759 if you would like to come and have a demonstration of our modular wheelchair ramp system. Take apart and rebuild to see how simple it is. A 79 year old grandmother and granddaughter demonstrate just how easy it… Read More

Non Slip Deck Board

Non Slip Deck Board A permanent texture coated exterior plywood which is ideal for raising floors in porches when trying to improve access problems. Available in a handy pre-cut size of 120cm x 80cm x 1.9cm Call for further information – 01608 663759

Non Slip Decking

Non Slip Decking A standard wooden decking board pressure treated and with anti-slip resin grip strips included. Ideal for creating external platforms and ramps. Available in 2 precut sizes;   (a) 90cm x 14.5cm x 2.7cm   (b) 120cm x 14.5cm x 2.7cm The perfect way of creating a cost effective temporary ramp and platform… Read More

Adjustable Height Half Steps For Rollators and Walking Frames

Adjustable Height Half Steps For Rollators and Walking Frames When a wheelchair ramp is not required or when it isn’t practical to use a ramp these adjustable height half steps are perfect for when your current step is too high to manage. Big enough to take a rollator or walking frame they are adjustable from… Read More

Roll Out Track Way for Wheelchairs

Roll Out Track Way for Wheelchairs Idea for when using a wheelchair on gravel path, when using a wheelchair on lawns or grass, when using wheelchairs on uneven surfaces. Roll out trackway covers grass gravel and other uneven surfaces for easy wheelchair access. Can be easily cleaned, rolled up and stored. Can also be trimmed… Read More

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Modular Wheelchair Ramps The simple self-assembly modular wheelchair ramp system that can be put together in minutes or left up as a semi-permanent ramp. The Welcome Wheelchair Ramp System has been designed specifically for ease of installation with ramp sections available in 0.6m and 1.2m so as to be quickly and easily create ramp lengths… Read More

High Rise Wheelchair Ramps

High Rise Wheelchair Ramps for High Steps HR Wheelchair Ramp system consists of 2 x Aerolight Ramps and 1 x AJ4 Joining Supports The total weight of a 3.6m system is just 29kg with the heaviest component weighing in at just 12kg making it simple to set up and remove in just a few minutes…. Read More

Wheelchair Ramp Calculator

Wheelchair Ramp Calculator We updated the wheelchair ramp gradient calculator on www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk over the weekend. Rather than the result going to the main Aerolight Extra page it now goes direct to the actual ramp. It meant we had to create an individual page for each length of ramp, but I think the ramp calculator justified… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps Site Updated

Wheelchair Ramps Site Updated I updated the Wheelchair Ramps site a few weeks ago. It was more of a tidy up than anything else, and also more of a future proofing exercise. Instead of having static old HTML files I’ve put the important pages in directories and redirected the old ones. I’ve still got to… Read More

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